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2022 Celebration - We All Choose Judaism

 Shavuot: The Holiday of Choosing Judaism

We Honored Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein, who has been welcoming
people into the Tent of Judaism for 60 years

We Celebrating the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din’s
20th Anniversary


Sunday, May 29, 2022, 1:00 to 3:00 pm

The Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din (SCCBD) celebrated a 20-year milestone. In 2002, Rabbis Jerry Goldstein, Elliot Dorff, and Alexis Roberts served on the first bet din shortly after the Bet Din was formed.

We honored Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein, a beloved leader without whom we could not have reached this 20-year milestone. 
View the video here.


Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein models the mitzvah of Haknasat Orkhim, welcoming guests.

Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein says that his work to create the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din is the most satisfying accomplishment of his 59 years in the rabbinate. Rabbi Jerry has been a synagogue rabbi, a dedicated Hillel campus rabbi, and a Reform movement executive. Even his lifelong commitment to social justice is historic. 

Wherever he worked, he always welcomed religious seekers into his study, his classes, his dining room. He is like Abraham who in Lech Lecha took all “the souls he had made” (Genesis 12.5) with him when he followed God’s command to move on in Judaism. 

Jewish identity been shaped by models of hospitality and loving kindness for thousands of years. The experience of those “souls” in Abraham’s community as they leave their home is symbolically re-enacted every time a non-Jew joins the Jewish people as a ger – a convert to Judaism. Candidates come to us from dozens of backgrounds and for hundreds of reasons. We want to welcome them and help them belong.

Every case of conversion is a surprising tale of its own; and I believe God is found in their stories when told in front of the Bet Din. --Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein

The Honorary Committee for this Celebration

George T. Caplan
Rabbi Ari Cartun
Rabbi Stephen Cohen
Rabbi Elliot Dorff
Rabbi Mark Dworkin
Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein
Rabbi Laura Geller
Deborah Bach Kallick,
Janice Kamenir-Reznick
Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann
Rabbi Susan Laemmle
Marci & Barton Lee (z”l)
Hon. Joy Picus
Janis Plotkin
Rabbi Paul Saiger
Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller
Rabbi Don Singer
Dr. Rick Tuttle

Leo Baeck Temple has donated their space in support of this celebration.

You can still make a donation in honor of Rabbi Goldstein and the work of the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din:  https://scbetdin.com/Donate

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