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  • The Bet Din schedules sessions at the American Jewish University Mikveh on the second Wednesday and the fourth Thursday of the month at 1 and 2:45 pm and one Sunday every other month, unless Jewish holidays or University vacations interfere.  These must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance of the session date.
  • Special sessions can also be arranged.
  • Your sponsoring rabbi will schedule your appointment; once you have applied, you can schedule in consultation with your sponsoring rabbi.

Directions to the AJU Mikveh (Immersion Pool)

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Adult (13 and over)

Child (12 and under)

Hattafat Dam B’rit

Hattafat Dam B’rit

Introduction to Judaism Courses

Many candidates complete a course of study with one of the endorsed programs below. The following courses are known to satisfy the basic educational requirements of the Community Bet Din if the attendee completes. Alternatively, some synagogues offer an independent introductory course that may also prove satisfactory. And a few candidates succeed after studying privately with a rabbi or other tutor.

Introduction to Judaism courses, sponsored by the Union for Reform Judaism (the association of North American Reform synagogues).

Miller Introduction to Judaism Program at American Jewish University (non-denominational).

Pathways to Judaism sponsored by Jewish Collaborative Orange County.

Introduction to Judaism classes by the Judaism by Choice program (trans-denominational).

Introduction to Judaism course, sponsored by Open Temple and the Academy for Jewish Religion California (trans-denominational).

Jewish Literacy courses, sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Ventura County.

Inclusion Policy

We welcome candidates for conversion to apply regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, or marital status.

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