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In the seven weeks leading up to the Festival of Shavuot (May 17-18), we count each night in anticipation of the revelation of Torah at Sinai, where we recommit ourselves to Jewish tradition, the Holy One, and the Jewish people. Rabbis, and their conversion students, see Shavuot as the perfect  holiday to celebrate conversion, those who have chosen to embrace Jewish tradition, and emulate Ruth, the heroine associated with the holiday and possibly the original Jew by Choice.

Our experience at the Bet Din has made clear that embracing, supporting, and encouraging those who want to be a part of the people of Israel is not only permitted, but is a mitzvah. This Shavuot as we think about who stood at Sinai, may our community continue to merit being joined by people who embrace our tradition, community, and people.

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This Shavuot we ask for your support of our Conversion Mentoring program.  Sponsoring Rabbis identify Jews-by-Choice or Just Jews who want to help those who are still learning and growing into a full Jewish identity.  This program:

1. Strengthens the identity and knowledge of people who have chosen Judaism.
2. Supports Jews by Choice and their families as they bring their children into the tradition.
3. Helps Mentors who were themselves once new to Judaism strengthen their knowledge and friendships within the congregation.
5. Builds stronger congregations.

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Los Angeles County: Jew-by-Choice, members of her Jewish family and Board of Trustees member, Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein

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  1. Make your check payable to Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din (SCCBD).
  2. Mail the check to:  SCCBD
    441 S. Barrington Ave Unit 201, Los Angeles, CA 90049-6468

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