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Our Dayanim

Our Dayanim (Judges)

Our Bet Din consists of more than 100 rabbis. Our members take turns serving on the panel that meets with each candidate for conversion (or with their parents, in the case of children). Our members have been specially trained for this purpose. When they serve on a panel, they are known as dayanim.

Our dayanim are volunteers. They serve on our panel because they know that meeting with conversion candidates is almost always one of the most gratifying and inspiring aspects of being a rabbi.

Some of members also serve as sponsoring rabbis. That is, they work closely with individual candidates to ensure that each one is ready, and then they sponsor those candidates to come before our panel.

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Board of Governors

Rabbi Elliot Dorff

Rabbi Stephen Einstein

Rabbi Jonathan Bernhard
Vice Chair

Rabbi Len Muroff

Rabbi Lisa Bock

Rabbi Mark Borovitz
Rabbi Lynn Brody Slome
Rabbi Lisa Edwards
Rabbi Joshua Hoffman
Rabbi Jonathan Klein
Rabbi Jonathan Kupetz
Rabbi Warren Levy
Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh
Rabbi Laura Owens
Rabbi Robin Podolsky
Rabbi Eva Robbins
Rabbi Eric Rosenstein
Rabbi Jason Rosner
Rabbi Daniel Sher
Rabbi Daniel Shevitz
Rabbi Neal Weinberg
Rabbi Dvora Weisberg


George Caplan

Lynn Beliak
Barbara Benedek
Rabbi Lisa Bock
Rabbi Mark Borovitz & Harriet Rossetto
Hon. Eli & Arlene Chernow
Muriel Dance
Rabbi Elliot Dorff
Suzanne Gallant (z'"l)
Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein
Elana Jassy
Norman Levine & Barbara Mack
Rabbi Janet Madden
Rabbi Laura Owens
Rabbi Lori & Dr. Joel Shapiro
Eric Stockel & Ruth Waddell


Robert Abraham

Honey Amado

Paul A. Beck
Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak

Rabbi Jonathan Bernhard

Rabbi Ken Chasen

Rabbi Lisa Edwards

Rabbi Stephen & Robin Einstein

Margaret Erlich

Rabbi Joshua Hoffman

Rabbi Jonathan Kuputz

Virginia Maas

Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

Peggy & Ed (z"l) Robin

Tory & Max Roman

Rabbi Len Sharzer

Rabbi Daniel Sher

Rabbi Lynn Brody Slome

Connor Stone

Rabbis Gershon Zylberman & Rayna Gevurtz

Our Administrators

Rabbi Dan Shevitz
Rosh Bet Din
(Head Rabbi of the Court)

Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh
S’gan Rosh Bet Din
(Associate Head Rabbi of the Court)

Chaplain Deborah Schmidt, Esp.
Executive Director

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Voice: 323-863-5486    

Mailing Address

8306 Wilshire Blvd #830

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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