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Letter of Agreement

Letter of Agreement for a dayan and Sponsoring Rabbi of the Bet Din

I would like to serve as a dayan and/or Sponsoring Rabbi of the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din (SCCBD). I have attended the required Orientation/Training Session for new dayanim, and I agree with the following requirements of the Bet Din.

  • I have read the Operating Principles, and I will act in accordance with them in my work with the Bet Din as a Sponsoring Rabbi and as a dayan.
  • Like any dayan, I may bring to the SCCBD any candidate for conversion to Judaism for whom I am serving as Sponsoring Rabbi; alternatively, I am free to recommend my candidates to another Bet Din.
  • When I am the Sponsoring Rabbi, I will submit the candidate’s Endorsement Form only after I have made sure that the candidate will be ready for the appointment, according to the standards set by this Bet Din. I shall sit as a friendly dayan on the Bet Din for that candidate.
  • I am prepared to serve either as a Sponsoring Rabbi or as an impartial dayan for at least one Bet Din session every year. I will treat that commitment as a serious obligation. If, due to circumstances beyond my control, I am not able to fulfill my appointment commitment, I will let the Coordinator know at once, while offering to do my best to find my replacement dayan in advance.

Contact the Coordinator for the letter with proper signature and attestation of membership in the Board of Rabbis of Southern California and your appropriate rabbinical association.


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