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Letter of Agreement

Letter of Agreement for a Dayan and Sponsoring Rabbi of the Bet Din

I would like to serve as a Dayan and/or Sponsoring Rabbi of the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din (SCCBD). I have attended the required Orientation/Training Session for new Dayanim, and I agree with the following requirements of the Bet Din.

  • I have received a copy of the Operating Principles; and I will act in accordance with them in my work with the Bet Din as a Sponsoring Rabbi and as a Dayan.
  • Like any Dayan, I may bring to the SCCBD any candidate for conversion to Judaism for whom I am serving as Sponsoring Rabbi; alternatively, I am free to recommend my candidates to another Bet Din.
  • When I am the Sponsoring Rabbi, I will submit the candidate’s Endorsement Form only after I have made sure that the candidate will be ready for the appointment, according to the standards set by this Bet Din. And I shall sit as a friendly Dayan on the Bet Din for that candidate.
  • I am prepared to serve either as a Sponsoring Rabbi or as an impartial Dayan for at least one Bet Din session every year. I will treat that commitment as a serious obligation. And if, due to circumstances beyond my control, I am not able to fulfill my appointment commitment, I will let the Coordinator know at once, while offering to do my best to find my replacement Dayan in advance.


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