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Are We All Converts

2 Jun 2019 6:38 PM | Deborah Schmidt (Administrator)

Inspired by the Yom Iyun on May 7th 2019, a poem by Suzanne Gallant:

I have a theory,
You don’t have to agree.
I’m not a Rabbi
Or even a teacher of Judaica.
I’m a simple student
Who searches through Torah
For truths to live by.
So, here’s my theory.
The first real converts to Judaism
Were the recently escaped
Hebrew slaves.
They were clans, men
Were circumcised as their
Religious identification.
There was only one other law.
“Be fruitful and multiply”
The rules were given at Sinai
And we have continued through the millennia.
We were a family.
Religion came down the mountain,
Told to Moses who, re-told them.
Okay, given that concept
Let’s examine Exodus
Through that lens.
Converts, today,  must partake
Of the Mikveh experience.
Might we view the crossing of the sea,
Be likened to a mikveh?
Even though the Hebrews
Received the laws, after .
Even though… okay,
They were our ancestors
Even though, they only chose
To run with the group.
They didn’t know they were Jews.
Being Jewish came later.
Accepting God’s laws
Came first.  Doing them ensued.
Making them fit or making
One’s self fit the laws,
That came later.
First we had to learn.
Something like today,
Each of us must search.
Each of us should study.
Each of us must choose.
Judaism isn’t easy.
It is a struggle , finding one’s place
Just like every convert. 

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