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Jewish Field Trips: San Diego Center for Jewish Culture

18 Jul 2023 12:45 PM | Franklin Jester (Administrator)

San Diego Center for Jewish CultureAfter converting to Judaism, many new Jews embark on a quest to connect with their newly adopted identity. If you reside in Southern California, it's easy to focus solely on Los Angeles, given its status as the city with the second-largest Jewish population in the US. However, Southern California's Jewish culture extends beyond the city of Los Angeles, particularly into the greater San Diego area.

One notable way new Jews can immerse themselves in their newfound identity is through engagement with Jewish arts, a grand tradition that stands as a focal point of our people’s identity. A perfect starting point is the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, located in La Jolla. Historically affected by Antisemitism, this area now proudly hosts the Center for Jewish Culture, a hub for Jewish theater, music, art, and more. The Center's youth theater program offers an array of performances, ranging from Jewish classics like Fiddler on the Roof to modern pieces like Spongebob the Musical. This provides a splendid opportunity for parents of young Jews to engage with the Jewish community's longstanding influence on American theater.

The Center for Jewish Culture also hosts the annual Jewish Film Festival, a major event in the Jewish cultural calendar. While the festival officially kicks off in January 2024, early screenings begin as soon as September.

The Center operates as part of the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center. While synagogues are often seen as the central spiritual and social hubs, particularly during and after conversion, JCCs play a crucial role in nurturing community engagement, especially among new members of the Jewish community. If you live in the San Diego area, the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture offers an excellent avenue to explore your Jewish identity more deeply.

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